The MYP Report Card

What is the Middle Years Programme (MYP) report card? Why do we need another report card?

The IB MYP report card at Lexington is designed to give students and families progression feedback. We want our students and families to be able to reflect on their progress over the course of the year. The MYP report card does not replace the Lee County report card. 

All MYP classes have four assessment criteria. These criteria are primarily skill-based and progress over all three years of the MYP at Lexington. Teachers will calculate the boundary scores by using either the most recent or most compelling student summative work for each criterion. Because the report card is communicating progress, it is inappropriate to average scores over the course of the class. We value the growth our students make and are pleased that our report card is able to reflect their progress. 

While some subject areas have overlapping criteria, all subject areas use different descriptions for those criteria. For example, in a Civics class, Criteria A: Knowing and Understanding, means a student should be able to use a range of terminology in context. However, in a math class, Criteria A: Knowing and Understanding,  means a student should solve problems correctly in a variety of contexts. 

Assessment Criteria

  A B C D
Arts Knowing and Understanding  Developing Skills Thinking Creatively  Responding
Design  Inquiring and Analyzing Developing Ideas  Creating the Solution Evaluating
Individuals & Societies Knowing and Understanding Investigating Communicating Thinking Critically
Language Acquisition Comprehending Spoken and Visual Text  Comprehending Written And Visual Text Communicating Using Language
Language & Literature Analyzing Organizing Producing Text Using Language
Mathematics Knowing and Understanding Investigating Patterns Communicating Applying Mathematics in Real World Contexts
Physical and Health Education Knowing and Understanding  Planning for Performance Applying and Performing Reflecting and Improving Performance
Sciences Knowing and Understanding Inquiring and Designing Processing and Evaluating Reflecting on the Impacts of Science
Community Project Investigating Planning Taking Action Reflecting

Sample Lexington MYP Report Card

Lexington MYP Report Card Example
Please keep in mind that each criterion is on an 8 point scale and not meant to be averaged. The four criteria are then added together to reach the boundary score. The maximum a student could receive in a class would be a 32. If the student demonstrated ability at 16 or half the total, this would not equate to 50%. The achievement descriptor for a 16 shows good-quality work and basic critical and creative thinking. 
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