8th Grade Farewell

We will teach you in a room
We will teach you now on Zoom
We will teach you in a house
We will teach you with our mouse
We will teach you here or there
We will teach you because we care
We miss you! Good Luck Class of 2024

Just One Favor

-Mr. Hacker

Do not forget

The day that we met,

For it changed our lives forever.

A second ago

We were saying “hello”.

Now it’s, “Go, follow your heart’s endeavors”.

Before we part, 

Let’s go back to the start

Of your middle school paradigm.

Before it all ends,

Reminisce with your friends

About your recent academic climb.

Do you remember

2017, in September,

When Irma decided to arrive?

Sang a sad song

Like she’d been wronged,

And the melody, it poured from her eyes.

The second year

Of your Lexington career

Brought memories to fill every hour.

Almost couldn’t bare

Loss of lights and of air

On the day that the whole school lost power.

8th graders now,

And it’s difficult to avow,

That you will miss this time together.

Then a crisis on Earth

Made you reevaluate worth.

You are stronger from the storms you have weathered.

Some may have struggled,

Gained power from your troubles,

As you’ve grown into young women and men.

Just starting your story,

Metaphor or allegory,

How we long to know what happens in the end.

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