MYP 1 (6th Grade)

Mr. Armsworth


This will be my thirteenth year teaching, but only my second year at Lexington.  I really enjoy how this school environment is so encouraging both at the student level and at the teacher level.  I live for the ‘lightbulb’ moments when I can see a student truly understand a topic and I look forward to instilling a desire for the students to become lifelong learners.

The learning trait I most identify with is Reflective.  I learn so much after taking a moment at the end of each day to look back on my classes and try to see how I can do it better the next day.  Looking back and reflecting on classes or even how you might have handled a certain situation at home is such a wonderful way to become a better person so it does not just apply to school because we are constantly learning.

MYP 2 (7th Grade)

Mr. DeBarr


Hello Lynx!

Science is a great subject to teach students to become inquirers and develop questions about the world around us.
The IB Learner Profile trait I try to achieve is being reflective. Each day in the classroom is different and being reflective allows me to do my best to teach my students in the most effective way,

Mrs. Flint


I love teaching science at Lexington where students and teachers work together to create a fun environment for learning. My goal is to motivate students to be excited about science and promote life-long learning. 

The IB profile trait that I try to embody is Inquirer. I enjoy learning, especially about our local ecosystems, and I strive to instill a natural curiosity in my students about the world around them. Throughout the year, I love helping  students understand how the concepts we learn in class are related to their every-day lives and enjoy exploring the natural world together!

MYP 3 (8th Grade)

Mrs. Arthurs


Hello Students! 
It has been a long time coming, and I am so happy to be back at Lexington Middle School awaiting with great anticipation of your arrival. We have been preparing non-stop for you to enter a safe environment to grow as a student and citizen. 

The IB Profile Trait that I live by is Caring. I have such compassion and respect for my students, fellow teachers, administration, and the rest of our wonderful staff that make up the Lexington Middle School community I am proud to serve in. My goal is to be a positive impact on all that I come in contact with and the environment in which we live. 

Mrs. Book 


Hello Lynx!!

Welcome back for a brand new school year and a brand new adventure. I love teaching science because it teaches us all about the world around us. Science is always happening all around us, especially now. I am looking forward to this year and showing you just how important science is and how fun it can be.

The IB learner profile trait I most embody is open-minded. My classroom is always a safe place for anyone no matter who you are. As a teacher, it is important to listen and learn from everyone and the unique perspectives they bring to the world.

Ms. Buchholz


I love teaching Science!   I have been at Lexington for many years. I enjoy helping students discover how science connects to all the things that we have, and all that we do.  I look forward to seeing you this year in Science class.

The IB profile traits that best describe me are inquiring and caring.

Lorie Xikes 


I am so excited to be a part of the Lynx team! I love introducing students to the wonders of science and get students to appreciate and interact with the world around them.

The IB Learner Profile traits that best describe me are open-minded and caring. 

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