MYP 1 (6th Grade)

Mr. Dandurant


Hello Lynx and welcome to Lexington Middle School!!

I look forward most to meeting you and helping you on your learning journey.  I love the fact that our staff’s top priority is to help the students become the best learners and people they can be.  

The IB trait I feel I embody the most is reflective.  I feel I can always do better and try to look back on the past to improve the future.

Mrs. Rigley


My favorite part about being a part of the Lexington community is being surrounded by supportive, loving, and positive staff. There is an environment here where the goal for everyone is to have a successful school year and to reach the highest potential possible.

The IB learner profile I most embody is being a communicator. I think this is such an important skill to have both inside and outside the classroom, as your success depends on being able to communicate with others. I want my students and their families to always have open communication with me, so we can constantly collaborate and make sure they are on the path for success. 

Ms. Yanik 


I love the community at Lexington Middle School. The students and staff are all wonderful. The administration is supportive and truly  listens. I feel lucky to be able to work at such an amazing school. 

The Learner Profile trait I most embody this year is a risk-taker! I am going to approach this new school year with flexibility, courage and an open mind. I am ready to adapt and grow with my students  as we face new challenges in the classroom. 

MYP 2 (7th Grade)

Mr. Apostol


This is my fourth year teaching at Lexington. I really love coming to work everyday and having genuine and open communication with all students. It is very rewarding to watch young adults transition through the year and become successful learners.

The Learner Profile trait that I most embody and connect with is balance. I believe that this is a critical aspect to every person’s life. Finding the right balance between school, jobs, extracurriculars, and personal life is an everyday struggle. Working towards becoming more balanced makes us happier and healthier at the end of the day!

Mr. Bennett


Hello Lynx! Lexington Middle School is an amazing place to be a part of where the teachers and students work together to create amazing experiences together and grow together as individuals. 

Being Caring, I believe it is extremely important to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. Also, I believe that when you show empathy, compassion and respect towards others you make not only a positive difference in the lives of others and to the environment but also helps you to grow as a person as well. 

Mr. Volpe


I love using mathematics and the International Baccalaureate (IB) Learner Profiles to help my students learn how to learn. We will work to develop the skills needed to be independent lifelong learners. Using progress monitoring and the IB Learner Profile “Reflective” we will evaluate our progress and learn how to make the needed adjustments along the way to assure we master the needed skills.

MYP 3 (8th Grade)

Mrs. Campbell


As a new teacher at Lexington, I am most excited about getting to know the students and staff!  

The IB Learner Profile Trait that I most embody is Caring. Building relationships with students is my favorite part of teaching. My goal is to make all students feel valued and to build a sense of community in my classroom.

Mrs. Simmons


My favorite quality about Lexington Middle School is its rich diversity. I truly enjoy learning about our staff and students, and celebrating our cultural traditions...especially through FOOD!

If I can only pick one IB Learner Profile trait that describes me best, I have to choose CARING. I have a huge heart, and I love my students like I love my own children. My favorite saying is by Jesse Jackson: “Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up”.

Mr. Sirmans


The most exciting thing about being at Lexington is the high level of positivity.  Staff and students alike are excited to be here.  In today’s world, it is comforting to know our school is still a safe and happy place.

Favorite IB Trait:  Caring (showing empathy, compassion, and respect) is extremely important in the classroom and in life in general. However, this year in class we will concentrate on developing our Critical Thinking Skills. All problems in life (Math included) have solutions.  These solutions may not be obvious at first but together we will develop our skill set to discover them. As a child whenever I said “I can’t”, my father always told me “You can’t do it YET!”. This advice I hope to  pass on to you as well. 

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