Individuals and Societies (Social Studies)

MYP 1 (6th Grade)

Mr. Andersen

US History

I am most excited for this year to encourage teaching and learning in new ways. Traditional school has been moving into the 21st Century at a glacial pace. We’re going through a tough time right now, but we will come out stronger with new skills and collaborative efforts we never thought possible.

I love working at Lexington for the students. They’re the reason I’m in education. As a career changer, my main goal has been to improve the lives of my students. I had great teachers who left an indelible mark on my life and I hope I can do that for my own students.

The most important learner profile trait we all can embody this year will be open-minded. This is going to be a school year like no other and the importance of empathy will play an important role in the success of our students.

Ms. Goderich

US History & Reading

Hi Lynx!
My favorite part of teaching at Lexington Middle School are my students! I love helping them understand the content especially when they make connections between what they are learning and in their own lives.

The IB Learner Profile Trait I try to embody the most is Open-minded. As an educator, it is important to listen and learn from many points of views to get a better holistic understanding. 

MYP 2 (7th Grade)

Ms. Cowdin


I love teaching- especially at LXMS- because it gives me the opportunity to be a part of students’ journeys as they adopt new ideas and become who they want to be in the world. 

I strive for a Balanced approach to learning because ALL of YOU is important, not just your intellectual development! 

Mr. Hennig


Hello, I am very excited to work with the students to continue to grow and become exceptional learners. I know that if we all work together (staff, students, and families), we will have a phenomenal year!

The IB Learner Profile trait I want to focus on this year is Open-Mindedness. We all come from different backgrounds and have experienced different things and I think it is very important to be respectful of each other's culture and experiences.

Mrs. Volpe


I think balanced is the most essential IB Learner trait because I believe that to be happy in this world it’s very important that you value all aspects of your life.  I love my work and I love learning, but I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends and being physically active.  I love to travel and enjoy the outdoors and I love to read.  By blending all of these things together, I live my best life.  This is advice I try to pass on to my students as well.
I feel balanced teaching at Lexington because it is a great place to learn, but it’s also a wonderful community of friends and a place to have fun.  The students and teachers work together as a team and that makes it a great place to work and learn new things.

MYP 3 (8th Grade)

Alaina Beecroft

US History

The sense of community and commitment to life-long learning by students and staff alike is what originally brought me to Lexington several years ago and continues to be what I value most as a member of the LXMS faculty. I love watching my students grow as individuals as they move through the social studies curriculum and I am thankful each day to be a Lynx!

The Learner Profile Traits that I most embody are principled and open-minded; I think it is essential in all aspects of life to be honest and willing to make an attempt to understand viewpoints that don’t necessarily match your own.

Mrs. Dunn

US History

Lexington is where I was given my first opportunity to teach and I have been here ever since. I love the teachers, the staff, and the students. I love working here.

The IB learner profile trait I try to embody is open-minded, given the current situation we are all facing we have to be understanding. The way we respond to the changes and struggles should be with flexibility and open-mindedness.

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