Lexington Middle School

Spirit Day

Friday, January 26th



On Friday, the students and staff of Lexington will participate in Spirit Day.  This day is to highlight and celebrate our spirit for Lexington with this dress up day and pep rally!!!  All students may participate unless on the grounded list.  Grounded students may not dress up or attend the pep rally.  Participating students may dress in school colors which are Navy (blue) and Gold.  During this special day, the school dress code is greatly modified.


The students may:

  • Wear decorated t-shirts in the colors of white, blue and gold.  Many students make their own spirit day shirts by appropriately decorating them with spirit slogans.  Shirts must completely cover the student’s chest and stomach area. No tummies showing.
  • They may color their hair with temporary hair coloring of blue and gold. All color must be washed out the following school day.
  • Students may wear ribbons and headbands of school colors.  They may NOT wear bandanas or anything resembling bandanas.  They can wear appropriate hats.
  • Students may wear washable body paint with spirit slogans only.
  • Students may wear sports gear, sweat pants outfits, etc.  Shorts and skirts must be of knee length. Under attire must not be seen. 
  • Students can wear flip flops.
  • Students cannot wear just a white t-shirt with a pair of pants/shorts, etc.  The student must attempt to dress in spirit attire.


Students do not have to dress for Spirit Day. If they choose not to, however, they must be in regular school dress code attire.


*Appropriate attire means the clothing articles cannot have pictures, emblems or advertising for alcohol, drugs, gang members, or anything that may be viewed as controversial.


*Grounded List – the students who have reached step 10 on their LYNX card during the previous quarter, have served OSS at any time to date, or serving ISS on Friday will not participate.


A spirit contest will take place during the pep rally.  Students will be judged on most school colors, most glitter, best face paint, craziest shoes in school colors, most creative, and finally…craziest hair!   Good luck and have fun!!!!!