Try out/Practice Days are Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday-

after school until 5:30

Students will need to listen to announcement for the exact days of their tryout. (boys one day, girls the next)




 Intramurals start on Tues. Aug. 15

Team practice starts on Tues. Sept. 5


Intramurals start on Tues. Oct. 24

Team practice starts on Tues. Nov. 7


Intramurals start on Tues. Dec. 5

Team practice starts on Tues. Jan. 9


Intramurals/Team start on Tues. Feb. 13


Intramurals start on Tues. Mar. 14

Team practice starts Tues. Apr. 11


(Team GamesBOYS play first on Mon/Tues.  GIRLS play first on Wed/Thurs)


*ALL STUDENTS MUST TURN IN A GREEN INTRAMURAL FORM (to the PE TEACHERS) that is fully filled out and signed. *This form will be returned if not completely filled out.


BUSES are available for all tryout/practice days and games. Students will get off at the closest school to their house. Parents will need to pick up their child there.

Students can also be PICKED UP at Lexington. PLEASE park in the parking lot and leave the parent pick up loop in front of the school open for the buses.