Title Email
Kristin Bueno Principal Email
Leta Dietz Smith Assistant Principal Email
Jason Peters Assistant Principal Email


Title Email
Alaina Beecroft Social Studies Email
Alexandra Herb Math Email
Alexandrea Lopez Math Email
Alexandra Vikantofsky ELA Email
Amy Furrer Spanish Email
Andrew McCarley Reading Email
Anthony Volpe Math Email
Ruben Zamora Science Email
Bailey Quinn Reading Email
Benjamin Andersen Social Studies Email
Beth Dunmire Math Email
Bianca DeSanctis Drama Email
Bradley Dodge Culinary Arts Email
Brandon Smith Social Studies Email
Brenda Millage Physical Education Email
Carol Bucher ESE Email
Cassandra Sirmans Dance Email
Charles O'Connor Science Email
Christina Book Science Email
Christina Mclean MTSS Coordinator Email
Constance Pirone Reading Email
Cynthia Volpe Social Studies Email
Dana Greek Social Studies Email
Daniel Doxie Band Email
Diana Simmons Math Email
Dylan Hacker ELA Email
Elizabeth Shiverdecker Spanish Email
Emily Goderich Social Studies Email
Jane Short Garland Media Specialist Email
Jan-Michael Apostol Math Email
Jeffery Jensen Social Studies Email
Jeffery Rhodes Social Studies Email
Jeffrey Martin Science Email
Jessica Stafford ESE Email
Joseph Enright Reading Email
Julie Claprood Guidance Counselor Email
Kathryn Barnes Science Email
Kim Raubolt Science Email
Kimberly Boone Math Email
Kimberly Smith Life Skills Email
Lara Moore ELA Email
Larry Blythe Speech Email
Laura Siemers Reading Email
Lauren Joshua Reading Email
Lenore Perez Resource Teacher Email
Lynn Buchholz Science Email
Maralee Doren Reading Coach / IB Coordinator Email
Marie Jones Math Email
Mark Millage Physical Education Email
Martin Irwin Guidance Counselor Email
Matthew Hagen Physical Education Email
Melissa Metzger Math Email
Michelle Debarr Reading Email
Molly Fredericks Art Email
Nicholas Mauro Math Email
Nora Perretta Industrial Arts Email
Peter Larson Math Email
Rachel Stokes Reading Email
Randall DeBarr Science Email
Sandra Miller ESE Email
Sean Kelly Math Email
Sherry Kelley ELA Email
Susan Geiger ELA Email
Tricia Pileggi Social Studies Email
Valerie Lindsey ESE Email

Office Staff

Title Email
Shannon Bengston Information Specialist Email
Ricky Brito Tech Support Specialist Email
Christopher Doughty Student Resource Officer Email
Anissa Drzymala Secretary to the Principal Email
Kim Hewett Administrative Secretary Email
Tamara Largent Clerk Email
Linda Mora Clerk Email
Yadira Pena Clinic Email
Helene Poggi-Sofia Bookkeeper Email
Lisa Sions Security Specialist Email


Title Email
Dulce Mangual Paraprofessional Email
Irelis Delgado-Hernandez Paraprofessional Email
James Lynom Paraprofessional Email
Jenine Hannam Paraprofessional Email
Jada Cox Paraprofessional Email
John Clifft Paraprofessional Email
Jordan Papp Vargas Paraprofessional Email
Judy Covert Paraprofessional Email
Mark Donaldson Paraprofessional Email
Nikole Wilhide Paraprofessional Email
Shirelle Lewis Paraprofessional Email
Soraya Vasco Paraprofessional Email
Suzanne McAuliffie Paraprofessional Email


Title Email
Monica Acevedo Cafeteria Email
Dziuljeta Bauziene Cafeteria Email
Carla Garrett Cafeteria Email
Teresita Limon Cafeteria Email
Lilli Ann Nestler Cafeteria Email
William Procopio Cafeteria Email
Kimberly Trout Cafeteria Email
Kelli McGorman Cafeteria Email

Custodial Staff

Title Email
Mack Farmer Building Supervisor Email
Anthony McDonald Custodian Email
Gisela Pena Custodian Email
Rosa Valentin Custodian Email
Yolanda Vazquez Custodian Email
Rick Lindquist Custodian Email
Kenneth Kay Custodian Email